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Randee Shuman, LCSW-R, MSW

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The Links Between Anxiety and Depression

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The Links Between Anxiety and Depression

Which came first the chicken or the egg?   So how do you know if it is anxiety or depression?  Anxiety frequently starts out as worry...and usually is projected into the future.  However anxiety can start out as a fear of something and becomes magnified...or turns into a phobia or panic disorder. There is no one size rule for depression as it is not uncommon for one's mood to vary from day to day.  With depression, some professionals think that there is a fluctuation in brain chemistry, while others account for depression in terms of early childhood experiences.

So how does anxiety and depression become interwoven?  It has been my experience working with clients that the anxiety triggers depression or visa versa.  Sometimes a situaion will trigger worry which turns into dread or depair...or depression...or conversely depression will cause you to ruminate and lead to anxiety...sort of like a dysfunctional marriage.

No matter how it starts, it is important to identify the degrees of how it interferes with your life and seek professional help.